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How to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Welcome to my blog! My name is Geoff. I have always been a sporty kind of chap. I love to go long distance running and I also play football and rugby. One day after a long run, I had a terrible pain in my foot. I thought I had just been overdoing it a little bit, so I decided to rest up. A week later, it was no better. I was still in a lot of pain and had to drop out of a couple of football matches. My doctor sent me to see a podiatrist who examined my foot and explained I had damaged a ligament. The podiatrist helped me to get back to full health. I decided to start this blog to explain the importance of good foot care.

How to Keep Your Feet Healthy


5 Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Diabetes is an illness that is becoming more common, thanks to people living longer, carrying more weight, and doing less exercise. Diabetes affects circulation and the nerves in the feet, which can make it more likely that sufferers will develop ulcers on their feet. In some cases, the complications of diabetes can even lead to a foot needing to be amputated. Here are some foot care tips you can follow to reduce your risk of developing a serious foot problem when you have diabetes.